TOTAL INTEGRITY is the name of the speaking ministry of Steve Johnson, Licensed Professional Counselor. It was officially founded back in 2006 due to the increasing demand for high quality, public presentations about current issues. At that time, there were not many counselors who were willing to do public speaking or ones able to do it from a Christian worldview when one was requested.

Why the name TOTAL INTEGRITY? The name reflects Steve’s committment to the idea of purity and self control in relationships, wholehearted dedication to a vision or set of goals, and experiencing life’s best offerings in a full and complete way. Furthermore, this ministry strives to counteract the unhealthy trends in today’s culture such as tolerating shortcuts at work or home, ignoring compromises of personal ethics, and one that encourages selfish thought or behavior patterns in key relationships.

TOTAL INTEGRITY is a valuable addition to Steve’s counseling office. Men and women, couples and families, and adolescent youth have all benefited from his outpatient counseling services, public seminars, and faith based presentations. While working and traveling throughout Wisconsin, Steve has been able to share important information with people in search of ways to overcome life’s many challenges.

To learn more about this ministry, call Steve at 800-681-2374