Business Associates

The following are companies that are used by Advocate Psychotherapy Services to operate effectively. These companies have been contracted with in order to provide a service to APS.  Thus a signed, formal business associate agreement (BAA), a service contract, and / or a specific HIPAA related compliance statement has been affirmed by the company.  They are listed here because of the exchange of personal healthcare information (PHI) that will occur between APS and a particular company.  For more information, please follow the links to each company’s website or talk with Steve directly about any questions you might have about this information.

(1) PIMSY – Electronic healthcare records

(2) Hushmail – Secure email company

(3) 8× – Secure communication system for voice, fax, and online contact

(4) Full Slate – Secure scheduling system

(5) GatewayEDI – Electronic insurance billing clearinghouse

(6) Map Communications – 24 hour on-call answering service

(7) BillFlash – a statement and payment processing vendor