Ministry Support Program

Many people who serve in a general leadership role, or at a faith-based organization or non-profit can experience unique challenges that may not be faced in other career positions.  Common statements about these pressure-filled expectations can be:

“I must not show that I have problems or people will not follow my lead.”

“I cannot share my thoughts or struggles with other people or they will think less of me.”

“If I share this struggle, then I will violate my commitment or oath to live a good example to others.”

“I must please everyone and cannot have anyone disappointed with the ways I teach or help them.”

“Serving others is most important – I cannot put my own needs as a priority.”

In response to these and other frequent challenges that those in service oriented positions face and bring into the counseling office, Steve has developed a well-being / assistance program for these leaders, their spouses, and family members.  In this “Ministry Support Program” (MSP), leaders can find confidential, affordable, and tailored help that enables them to discover what is leading them to burn out, what is causing them stress, what can be done to get healthy, and/or find ways to stop distress that is negatively affecting their ministry.

The financial cost of services in this program are covered by church denominations, private donors, or other contracted sources.  These funding sources allow for services to more easily be obtained by leaders who otherwise might be unable, reluctant, or unsure of whether or not counseling would be helpful.  Over the years, dozens of leaders have been aided by contact with Steve Johnson and have found that the four sessions provided in the program, aid them in directly facing and moving forward through their challenges.

For more information about this programs, contact your supervisor at your denomination, leadership board at your church or organization, or feel free to call Steve to inquire if a contract can be created to help serve you, your family, or your organization.