Business Associates

The following are companies that are used by Advocate Psychotherapy Services to operate effectively. These companies have been contracted with in order to provide a service to APS.  A signed, formal business associate agreement (BAA), a service contract, and / or a specific HIPAA related compliance statement has been affirmed by the company, as applicable.  They are listed here because of the exchange of personal healthcare information (PHI) that may occur between APS and a particular company.  For more information, please follow the links to each company’s website or talk with Steve directly about any questions you might have about this information.

(1) PIMSY – Electronic healthcare records

(2) Hushmail – Secure email company

(3) 8× – Secure communication system for voice, fax, and online contact

(4) Full Slate – Secure scheduling system

(5) GatewayEDI – Electronic insurance billing clearinghouse

(6) BillFlash – a statement and payment processing vendor that is also used for collections, as needed