Helpful Online Assessments

As part of receiving help at APS, clients are able to take several online assessments to assist in the counseling process.  The information that is gathered helps to develop a treatment plan, screen for potential obstacles in treatment, clarify treatment goals, determine key counseling interventions, and also provides a means of monitoring client progress.

Many times working professionals in the public workplace, ministry settings, and those in transition between jobs have found the information that was provided to be valuable in determining their next career steps.  Also, individuals, couples, and families can learn valuable information very quickly and easily that can enable a better application of their counseling efforts.  To learn more about the specific assessments that we can provide, please contact us at 800-681-2374.

For another, more immediate option.  Here are three, free online assessments do on your own.  Please print them out and bring them with you to your first appointment to help your counselor understand your symptoms better.  Otherwise you can upload them to us by clicking here.

Holmes-Raye Stress Inventory (overall stress indicator)

PHQ-9 (for Depression)

GAD-7 (for Anxiety)