Career Opportunities

If you are a licensed therapist, feel free to contact Steve Johnson about a position in our school offices.  We have several different school locations working with children and teens. These locations operate around a family friendly school schedule.  You work each day while your kids are in school and you are off when they are off throughout the year.  There may be main office space available to you, too.

Advocate Psychotherapy Services also is a training site for people looking to complete their graduate degrees and / or licensure process in Wisconsin. “Interns” in the last year of their Masters program need Internships that require at least 600 hours in order to graduate.  Post-gradate “Residents” need three thousand hours of counseling experience to achieve independent licensure status.

Steven L. Johnson is an Approved Clinical Supervisor (ACS) who can aid men and women that are pursuing their hours toward completing their Masters Degrees or becoming a Licensed Professional Counselor, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, or a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.  The Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services’ Examining Board for each of these licenses has put Steve Johnson on the list of approved supervisors for these professions.

The training experience for Interns (generally unpaid) and opportunity for gaining paid hours for Residents comes from the agency’s school based offices, but also at the main office, too.  Opportunities for training slots change from time to time depending upon clinic needs, so specific follow up is needed to see how many slots are open, if any. For more information, please contact Steve Johnson at 800-681-2374.


Recommendation from Molly R., 2019-2020 Intern:

“I had a wonderful experience completing my graduate school internship at APS. I was looking for a clinical placement with a behavioral health provider and APS was the ideal fit for me. I was able to gain invaluable experience providing individual and group-based therapy to students at local schools. I got many opportunities to shadow several different therapists at the clinic and learn from their different approaches to mental health therapy. I got to sit in on sessions with children, teens and adults. I also had the independence in my internship to do extensive research into different treatment modalities to build my knowledge-base as an independent clinician. I gained invaluable experience in learning how to run a private practice clinic. My experience at APS has given me the confidence to launch my own career as a mental health clinician. Interning at APS has been an extremely rewarding experience in my social work career.”

Recommendation from Courtney R., Spring 2021 Intern:

“I am very blessed to have gotten a chance to intern with APS. Everyone was so welcoming and I was able to shadow many of the other therapists on staff. I was able to learn so much from them, especially since there is such a diversity in the staff’s background and licensure. I also had the opportunity to shadow and provide services to kids at a number of schools in the area, as well as seeing adults at the main APS office. This provided me an opportunity to have a broad diversity in clientele as well as therapeutic approaches used. Not only was I able to grow as a counselor-in-training in sessions with clients, but I was able to learn so much about the administrative and private practice side as well through the knowledge and guidance of my supervisor, Steve. He offered so much insight into different areas within the counseling field, and I am truly thankful for his generosity and kindness. Although my time with APS seemed short, I will never forget the connections I made or the things I have learned as I move one step closer to becoming a licensed professional counselor.