We are privileged that you have found us at APS.

We are a private agency that was established in 2012 and became state certified in 2014.

Our focus is centered around providing timely and effective psychotherapy to men, women, children, teens, couples, and families.  We are eager to help you find what is missing in order to achieve relief from what has burdened or affected you, help you have more life satisfaction, and experience healthier relationships and choices.

The mission of Advocate Psychotherapy Services is grounded in the belief that each person is unique in his or her skills and abilities, is valuable because of who he or she is in personal character, and that there is always hope for needed changes.  Support systems may be weak during a crisis or ongoing difficulty, but with the help of a counselor, healthy patterns, effective ideas, and healing can all be achieved.

Take your time evaluating the services and resources available via this website, and please do not hesitate to contact our office via a phone call or email (use any of the options on the top or bottom of this page).  Any of your questions can be answered and you can get help very soon!

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